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Wellness and the Subconscious Mind

If you want to reach outward, look inward, and improve yourself in any way, hypnotherapy may be for you. This form of brief therapy is an extremely effective method for making rapid progress with long-term issues. Hypnotherapy is a wonderful adjunct to other forms of therapy, such as psychotherapy, accupuncture and massage therapy.

Hypnotherapy helps you achieve wellness, restore balance to your immune system and gain deep and refreshing rest, any time you need it. If there is a physiological concern, such as hypertension, we will seek referral from your physician or licensed health practitioner. The work we do in hypnotherapy effectively strengthens and supports your existing therapeutic curriculum. Together we will work out the details.

The subconscious has been called 'the other 90% of the mind.' It is the seat of our emotions, of imagination and dreaming; it's where the involuntary functions of the body are regulated, such as circulation, digestion and elimination. It is also a vast memory bank or computer that stores and catalogues every single one of our experiences, life long. In addition to this, the subconscious also carries out our habitual conduct, and is the dynamo that directs our energy.

It is during hypnosis that we have the best ability to access our incredibly powerful subconscious mind. Using hypnosis, we can easily reach parts of our mind that are normally not as accessible to us and make positive changes in how we live our lives.

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