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Hypnotherapy for the Postpartum Time:
Past, Present, and Future

The Postpartum period is an exceptional time period in the life of the mother, partner, and baby. Hypnotherapy is a great tool to prepare for this time, to deal with re-balancing needed during postpartum, or to "re-do" this period in order to heal and restore mother and family, no matter how long it has been since the birth of the baby.

Using relaxation, positive suggestion, and regression techniques, as well as other hypnotic techniques, I work with you to bring health and balance to the past, present, and future. Together we build easy self-hypnosis into your day, perhaps a minute or two at a time during your natural rest periods, or whenever it works for you.

Your health, happiness, and well being are easy and pleasant to plan for, maintain or restore. Hypnosis is brief therapy that shows you some methods you may even already know, making it easy for you to find what you need from resources at your fingertips. Hypnosis is a great help when you make any transition; for example the transition of one or both parents back to work, the transitions inherent in parenting and childcare, or mind/body integration as your body goes through hormonal and other physiological changes. Together we make a plan for integration, then carry it out. Easy change becomes only a few deep breaths away!

Healing from the inside out begins with the mind -- with messages we give ourselves. Let me help you craft really great messages, positive suggestions for postpartum.

Hypnotherapy is great for: postpartum plans -- flexibility of mind and spirit for parents -- "baby blues" -- balancing expectations and outcomes -- postpartum depression -- depleted mother syndrome -- depleted partner syndrome -- restoration of mind/body balance postpartum -- revisiting the past to improve our experience of it -- healing and recovery any time postpartum - weeks or years, creating rest in your schedule -- restoration of physical/emotional strength and resiliency -- improving and increasing sleep and rest -- releasing anxiety and restoring calm -- opening to mindfulness and being in the moment -- building and integrating easy meditation practice that fits your life -- creating sacred space for the postpartum period and beyond -- healing pain from your past or your mother's past -- creating healing visions for the future.

(printable flyer -- .pdf)

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