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Healers and Helpers

Healing for the healer, Help for the helper.
In the healing and helping professions, we have many tools in our tool box. As a healer, are you using the most important tool? Are you taking time each day to give to yourself some of the support you so generously give to others? I can help you set or reinforce essential patterns for refreshment and renewal. Give gifts to yourself as well as to those you serve. You will find you enjoy the work more and more.

Burnout, despair and weariness are signs from your inner self that you must take time for renewal. Vacations, retreats and classes are only part of the solution. You know that rejuvenation is available to you, in an easy breath or a quiet pause. All you need may be drawn from the depths of you and from the wonderful resources that surround you. Let me help you give your own gifts to yourself.

Healing the healer, helping the helper. Together, we develop strategies for brief practices before and after each client, every day, using a range of techniques, such as meditation, visualization and imagery, repatterning, and working with story.

Who can benefit from these techniques?
Anyone may benefit who in the course of their day has intensive personal contact with clients, customers or the public.

Healers and Physicians, Teachers, Peace Officers, Attorneys, Outreach Workers, Counselors, Sales Personnel, Public Servants, Parents, Cab Drivers, Dentists, Chiropractors, Clerical Staff, Administrators, Performers, Guides.

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