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What to Expect During the Session

What will I do for you? I do hypnotherapy because I wish to journey with people. I have a talent for listening and working with story. The story of what you are becoming is exciting to me. I'll help you relax, deepen, focus and open to your inner gifts. You'll see how easy it is to go inside yourself. We may explore your story – past, present and future – from an easy, expansive perspective. I listen to you, experience and see you. I bring you to meet yourself - help you to navigate profound pathways deep within. We continue from your previous experiences to transform old patterns into new ways of being.

In hypnotherapy we normally stay with one theme at a time, for example: habit abatement, motivational work, or getting organized. You learn how your subconscious makes change happen. As we work on the theme, we may eventually connect to other themes if appropriate

"Will I "lose control" in hypnosis?" In hypnotherapy you only do what you deeply desire to do. As therapist, I share responsiblity with you, and obtain your consent at each crucial step in hypnosis. I am companion and guide on your journey.

I am deeply grateful to all who have helped me along my way, and to my clients for allowing me to witness their amazing work.

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