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About Hypnotherapy

Easy, natural change. Create new patterns out of the material of your life. With hypnosis, you can lead yourself into simple, positive transformations.

What story are you living? Would you like to make that story better, more fulfilling, more comfortable? I can help you.

Hypnotherapy is a co-creative state. The hypnotherapist invites the client to go inside in order to work on a goal. The process requires the client's consent throughout. The session is guided by the client's intention and vision. There is an unfolding over the course of one or more sessions -- an opening to the change that is desired.

Hypnotherapy is considered "brief therapy" - a cost-effective way to receive the help you seek. Typically, therapy may run from one to three sessions. Follow-up sessions can easily be arranged. On-going consultation is also available. I teach each client self-hypnosis, to reinforce the work from our sessions, and to cultivate insights toward further work


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